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Project Goals



Who ?


Only hospital schools :

Poland -- Slovenia -- France -- Spain -- Belgium


This project is for all children at the hospital to make them travelling from their bed.


When ?


The project run from September 2011 to June 2013.


What ?


A mascott called Mistich is travelling across five european countries. When Mistich arrives in a country, students present their country by talking of their culture, their speciality.

They put all their productions on the website.

Unfortunately, Mistich broke her leg... She can not fly anymore and must use other means of transport to travel from hospital to hospital.

That is why each country is going to talk about one transport in particular, and make the report on the website.


Where ?

Mistich’s birth, the mascot, is holding in Brussels, capital of Europe in November 2011 at the first meeting with all the partners.

She will spend her first months in Belgium, then she will follow this way :     

Poland -> Slovenia -> France -> Spain

And then again the next year


Why ?

For students who present their country, it is the opportunity to think on a good way to give informations, despite of the language barrier.
Those who receive the informations can discover Europe and learn many new things.
Finally, for all, it is the opportunity to make contact with other students in hospital : that makes a link between them despite of the kilometers that separate them...
For example, the competition around the creation of the logo makes sense for our young designers when they know a little Polish draws also his own logo from his bed !



Productions :



Panel communication (for hospital staff, parents, curious,...)

Small dictionary base (5 languages)


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